Resume [Game / Level Designer]

I am the independent game maker behind Visumeca Games.
I am working on game projects since 2008.

Currently looking for an interesting job opportunity, ideally as Game or Level designer.

I want to use my experience to create ingenious design solutions and high-quality content to make innovative and impactful games in a respectful environment.

Having created games by myself and in collaboration with small teams, I have a good understanding of the tasks required to make and release games.

Ideally I would like to work on games that help people.

Professional Experience

Puzzle Designer Freelance

Terra Memoria (PC) – La Moutarde (2023)
A cosy RPG with a road trip adventure

Independent Developer

Volt Patrol (PC) – Visumeca Games (2018 – 2020)
Initially a gamejam project turned into a full game mixing stealth and driving with an affordance for smooth infiltration
Developed and released by myself (except the music)

Level Design Consultant

Minishoot’ Adventures (PC) – Soulgame Studio (2019 – 2020)
A shoot’em up adventure (zelda-like) in an interconnected open world

Independent Developer

Pharmakon (PC) – Visumeca Games (2015 – 2017)
Tactical puzzle game with procedurally generated challenges
Developed and released by myself (except the music)

Level Designer & 2D Pixel Artist

Lavapools (PC) – 4Edges (2014)
A dodging game in a rising hell full of traps

Game Designer, Level Designer & 2D Pixel Artist

Loupe (PC) – Visumeca Games (2011)
A small goofy detective game

Game Designer, Level Designer & 2D Artist

Super Impact (PC) – Visumeca Games (2012)
A duel game about taking out a rival

Game Designer & 2D Artist

Shokokut (Web) – Visumeca Games (2011 – 2012)
A game about a samourai taking care of a bonzai to grow fruits

2D Artist & Game Designer

Hooks Bomb Party – (2010 – 2011)
A bomberman like game

Gamejam Projects (itch.io page)

  • Gamejam Pot-Au-Jeu:
    Artist and co-gamedesigner for WonderJunk, a shoot’em up

  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 39:
    Developed Muscle Battery, a game about bodybuilders loading batteries
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 36:
    Developed Oldnyuz, a strategy game about spies getting information
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 32:
    Developed Fired, a detective game based on quick deductions
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 31:
    Artist and co-game designer on The Shift, a fast paced platformer taking place in a single rotating level
  • Gamejam Public Domain Jam:
    Artist on Vampire’s Lair, a time based survival game
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 24:
    Artist and co-game designer on Evolvorous, a survival turn based game about species evolving and showing body parts changing with their actions
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 23:
    Created Me, Buck & Tina, an adventure point & click game

  • Broadcaster

    Worked on a french broadcast called Explo-Sémio to explore and explain level designs and signs meanings used in video games.

    Explo-Sémio – Binding of Isaac
    Explo-Sémio – DmC: Devil May Cry