Professional Experience

Puzzle Designer Freelance

Terra Memoria (PC) – La Moutarde (2023)

A cosy RPG with a road trip adventure


Proposing, designing, prototyping and balancing puzzles ideas with established constraints and material using proprietary tools.

Independent Developer

Volt Patrol (PC) – Visumeca Games (2018 – 2020)

Initially a gamejam project turned into a full game mixing stealth and driving with an affordance for smooth infiltration


Level Design Consultant

Minishoot’ Adventures (PC) – Soulgame Studio (2019 – 2020)

A shoot’em up adventure (zelda-like) in an interconnected open world


Independent Developer

Pharmakon (PC) – Visumeca Games (2015 – 2017)

Tactical puzzle game with procedurally generated challenges


Developed and released by myself (except the music)
Creating mechanics and systems defining and making procedural grid distribution of threats and resources, defining player’s action space.

Level Designer & 2D Pixel Artist

Lavapools (PC) – 4Edges (2014)

A dodging game in a rising hell full of traps


Defining layout, navigation, setting up objectives and threats.

Game Designer, Level Designer & 2D Pixel Artist

Loupe (PC) – Visumeca Games (2011)

A small goofy detective game


Game Designer, Level Designer & 2D Artist

Super Impact (PC) – Visumeca Games (2012)

A duel game about taking out a rival


Game Designer & 2D Artist

Shokokut (Web) – Visumeca Games (2011 – 2012)

A game about a samourai taking care of a bonzai to grow fruits

2D Artist & Game Designer

Hooks Bomb Party – (2010 – 2011)

A bomberman like game

Gamejam Projects (itch.io page)

  • Gamejam Pot-Au-Jeu:
    Artist and co-gamedesigner for WonderJunk, a shoot’em up

  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 39:
    Developed Muscle Battery, a game about bodybuilders loading batteries
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 36:
    Developed Oldnyuz, a strategy game about spies getting information
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 32:
    Developed Fired, a detective game based on quick deductions
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 31:
    Artist and co-game designer on The Shift, a fast paced platformer taking place in a single rotating level
  • Gamejam Public Domain Jam:
    Artist on Vampire’s Lair, a time based survival game
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 24:
    Artist and co-game designer on Evolvorous, a survival turn based game about species evolving and showing body parts changing with their actions
  • Gamejam Ludum Dare 23:
    Created Me, Buck & Tina, an adventure point & click game

  • Broadcaster

    Worked on a french broadcast called Explo-Sémio to explore and explain level designs and signs meanings used in video games.

    Explo-Sémio – Binding of Isaac
    Explo-Sémio – DmC: Devil May Cry